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If you believe that your constitutional rights have been violated, you have the right to apply to the High Court for redress.

Emmanuel was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery along with 3 other young men. The other men were able to afford bail while Emmanuel was forced to stay in prison until the trial 7 years later. Because Emmanuel was kept in prison for an unreasonably long period of time before he received a trial, his right to liberty was violated. At the trial, there was no evidence supporting the claim that he was wone of the armed robbers. However, he was the only one found guilty and was sentenced to death. When he tried to apply to the High Court for redress because his right to liberty and his right to a fair trial had been violated, he was denied access to the proper paperwork in order to apply for redress. Because Emmanuel constitutional rights were violated and he was unable to follow the proper procedures for redress, his right to redress was violated. Emmanuel should have been given the proper paper work in order to apply for redress.

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