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You have the right to be free from slavery and forced labour. This does not include labour imposed by a court sentence, or labour which is necessary for civic duty. These exceptions are explained in this section of the Constitution. You also have the right to work under safe and healthy conditions, to receive equal pay for equal work, and to be assured of reasonable limitation of working hours.

Ama, living in rural Ghana works on her family cocoa farm. Apart from heavy lifting, she works with potentially dangerous chemical or tools without any protective clothing. She also attends school where she is frequently sent out during school hours to go and weed using a machete. She also has to do farm work for the school once a week. The pupils have to clear a plot of land owned by the school so that it could be used as farmland to generate revenue for the school. While working on the school farm, Ama is subject to arduous work with little to no supervision and no protection from the sun. She works in close proximity with the other children, which increases the risk of injury from the broad machete sweeps.

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